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“Swallow” CD - “Great balls of fire” CD - “Jufosar” MCD

What is life like if you are born in Sweden ? Furniture by IKEA, for breakfast this strange thin sliced very dry bread and your dad buys Volvo only ? Also, summer is very short and you have leizure at the lakes while being pitched by thousands of mosquitos ? Hell, how should I know ? Let’s ask BEAVER FARM !

Of course they would kick in your teeth as they hate clichees and prejudices, especially if it comes about Sweden - as that is where they come from.

Still BEAVER FARM do stand for some clichees, Sara, Angelika, Catarina & Suzanne have names as Björkholm u. Törnvall, are blondes and rock the shit out of your amp. That is as far as I’ve known Sweden before, already !                              Their first album’s “Great Balls of Fire” (after the MCD “jufosar”)production standards shall be referred to as - Low Fi for Gourmets... Naturally this is the only appreciated form of Rock ‘n’ Roll. We NEED these loud ‘n’ noisy guitars, on the other hand Suzanne’s voice makes you shiver as she screams and whispers while the drums push the beat towards infinity ! Short 3+ chord songs made to blow your brain... mmmhh tasty !  They keep the old ideals up : what else do you need besides two guitars, bass, a set of drums ? Of course ideas - they have plenty !                                                                                                      On “Swallow” a few things have changed. The song writing now became more important, the songs are still pure R’n’R but more complex,  a male (hey Jocke!) guitar player joined. This makes ”Swallow” one of the best R’n’R albums of this year.  I still think they do have strange fantasies regarding their titles”great balls...”,”swallow” sounds like... I still don’t know what “jufosar” means ?


Well, stop reading - listen to this . . .

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